Vickie Cruises

Bag Bungee

​So very durable and doesn't slip

Steel Cable with Lock
Very handy when travelling in Europe

Small Power Bar with USB

Money Belt

My Must haves for any cruise traveller

Cable Lock 
So great to take to the beach 
to protect your stuff 

Small Packing Pouches
Keep your carry on organized.
Easy to find things then.

Shower Caddy
​so helpful in those small showers as this is light and sticks to walls

Other things I bring are:

  • Small air freshner
  • Tape - hand to tape things to walls - like invites, Patters
  • Essential oil - I put a drop or two on a tissue and place up in the vent for the AC 
  • ​Journal
  • Nightlight
  • Alarm Clock
  • Small flashlight - we love the small keychain lights.  Use at night to get to washroom
  • Corkscrew

Toiletry bag
I have this one and it is so light
and can carry so much
​this one is from Rick Steeves

Spice Jars

Magnetic back so it sticks to cabin walls. Store earrings, pins etc.

Cruise Ship Luggage Tags

Packing Cubes
Love these - and sure helps with packing

Magnetic clip
​Great to attach to metal cabin walls and clip important papers

Here are some items that I have aquirred over the years that I have found to be very helpful when travelling.